To Fall Apart

The light bulb
went, the other
day. It wasn’t
the best, anyway
much too bright
but … Bugger, I
thought, then left
it there … darkish

A door went
the other day
it’s been half-broken
for months … annoying
but not much
Eventually, slowly, it
unhinged itself, until
it fell off
completely. We had
to manoeuvre it
with both hands
place it like
a screen … heavy

I bought a
new light bulb
a Philips Genie
40w, warm white
it looks perfect
I can just
turn the light
on and it’s
beautiful - just right
not too dark
not to bright

My housemate fixed
the door, today
I heard him
drill, annoying sound
I opened my
door to see
him fix the
broken one. He
did a beautiful
job - the door
shuts perfectly, now

Sometimes, things, to
be improved, have
to fall apart