Winner’s Favourite

Book I’ve only read one book in the last seven years. It’s called Walter the Farting Dog. My fiancee gave it to me.
Film The Third Man, no question.
TV show Has to be Fawlty Towers.
Shop I don’t like shops.
Song Five Little Miles from San Berdoo. Jane Russell sang it in a movie. It’s the most stupid song ever.
View From my bedroom. On the north side you see the garden, which we floodlight with 168 floodlights, and on the other side you see Jimmy Page’s house, which I’ve also floodlit. If he objects, I’ll turn it off.
Place to go on holiday The Villa Feltrinelli on Lake Garda, which was Mussolini’s last home before he left it and got shot.
Restaurant The River Café.
Meal A good old English fry-up: fried bread, fried eggs, sausages, tomatoes, black pudding. Michel Blanc at Le Manoir does a very good English fry-up, and he’s French.

Michael Winner